Storage as a Service (SaaS) is the next concept in Cloud computing and its is spreading fast in the IT world along with other Cloud Computing services, SaaS is fast and a highly secured place for your data with no additional cost. We provide the storage in Cloud and you have access and administrative privileges to your storage in the Cloud.

Your Advantages
  • No cost in acquiring the Storage.
  • No cost in installation of the Storage devices and their accessories.
  • No Data center space cost.
  • No Cooling Cost
  • No Storage administration cost.
  • Unique ID for Storage administration.
  • 100% up-time for your storage.
  • Monthly/Quarterly reports on the storage usage.
  • Storage Logs on request with no additional cost.
  • Pay for what you use (No more -No Less)
  • 365 days 24/7 Support.
  • Hassle free Storage usage.
Sales & Support
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Selling our products and services is not the end of a business relationship for us. We provide exceptional service and support for our products and consulting services. Our consultants/technicians are readily available for either enhancement or support even after the contract period expires. Our clients consider this consistently available support system an invaluable aspect in their association with our company.