DocNet- A comprehensive web engine for Doctors

DocNet is a web engine capable of satisfying most of the web-portal requirements of doctors as well as patients who wish to consult and communicate with their doctors through the medium of Internet. This engine can be used to create a portal which enables a wide range of comunication channels between its users. A communication can take place between a combination of Doctor, Patient, Doctor Group and Patient Group in Private and Public mode. A doctor can consult his or her patients from anywhere in the world. Communication can be an online chat or online video conference using Netmeeting. DocNet can store and manipulate medical and personal data. A doctor can store the details of his or her patients and create reports for analysis. DocNet has an "Appointment Manager" using which patients can choose a consulting slot in doctors schedule for an appointment. Doctor can store his or her personal available timing for consulting. Besides these, DocNet also has many more features like statistical/analysis reports, Medical history tracking, Address management and search features

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