It has been very difficult for companies to choose the right partner for outsourcing their software projects. Companies find it hard to keep a balance between shrinking budgets and increasing project costs. In this highly competitive world of software development, we have already established our competence with a wide range of software skills.Our development center in India ( Palnar Transmedia ) has undertaken many projects for clients in America and Europe. Detailed market studies, opportunism and independent development has made us the company of choice for a wide range of business from big companies to starter operations.

During the last few years lot of companies have been eager to outsource their software projects to development companies in India. The reason is simple; low project costs and abundance of qualified software professionals. But, as many companies have observed, these reasons are meaningless as long as they do not contribute to the immaculate materialization of an error free, quality software product. The utility bundle for effective handling of a project consists of

Effective Project Management

For effective management of a project, a company should have defined procedures and experience in handling similar projects. Proper communication is another factor in which language plays an important role. Familiarity with foreign culture and methods is essential while handling projects of foreign companies. Our project managers have a background of working in North American and European countries. They are familiar with the business environments and functionalities of those countries. Moreover they speak and understand various foreign languages including English, German and French


Good Profesional Skills

A team of highly skilled professionals has been recruited to support our clients' software development requirements. The unsurpassed professionalism maintained by our developers, along with their programming, analytical, innovative and problem-solving skills have earned us a leading edge over the competitors


State-of-the-art infrastructure

Palnar Transmedia, our software development center, is situated at Technopark (Kerala, India) which is a fast growing technology centre well known for its state-of-the-art support facilities. Technopark provides all infrastructures required for the successful functioning of a software development centre. The facilities include Satellite Earth Station with high-speed data communication links, Virtual private network services, Internet access services, State-of-the-art telecom and datacom systems, Library and Information Bureau and Recreation centres.


Low Project Costs and Deadline Compliance

Our clients consider our 'low project costs' as an invaluable aspect in their association with our company. We do not cut our costs by paying our employees less, we do it by minimizing the operation costs and maximizing the throughput through effective utilization of resources. Our project managers and programmers work hard to reduce errors and adhere to our policy of "Do it right the very first time". As a result, the rate of reparational traversals is less, allowing us to complete the project in time. At Palnar, we are commited to meet the project target dates of our clients. .Above all, we practice what we preach! We at Palnar, happily invite you to be our partner in Software Development ventures .