Sports Analysis Software-is a motion analysis software which is used to analyze a sports event while it is taking place or during a practice session. The aim is to capture the required session and analyze it to see what went wrong with a particular performance. You can then make out where and what to improve and neccessary actions can be taken to bring about an overall improvement of the performance. You can record video clips of yourself and your students and later on analyze them with various graphic tools that have been provided. Functionalities are present which helps you in comparing the performances of students by running multiple events simultanously. You can later create a report based on the available analysis, and export them to a specified location, mail them or burn them to a CD. Sports Analysis Software can be used by professionals ranging from high school coaches and golf pros to professional teams. Sports Analysis Software finds its applications in the field of physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation programmes. Research institutions and biomechanics undertaking extensive researches on muscle engagement patterns, human gait analysis and posture analysis too can utilize Sports Analysis Software.

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