If the Customer accepts the proposal we assign a project team, which consists of:

  • A project manager responsible for all technical issues and technical correspondence with the Customer,
  • An international operations manager, who supervises the whole project and prepares all contact and financial documents; and
  • A team of developers and testers.

If the Customer accepts the proposal we assign a project team, which consists of:
Evolutionary Delivery is a lifecycle model that strikes a balance between the control of Staged Delivery model and the flexibility of Evolutionary Prototyping model. It delivers its rapid-development benefit by delivering selected portions of the software earlier than would otherwise be possible, but it does not necessarily deliver the final software package any faster. It provides some ability to change product direction midcourse in response to customer requests. This has helped us to achieve improved product quality, reduced code size and optimal utilization of development and testing resources, when used in combination with our thoughtful planning


Evolutionary Delivery helps us in rapid stepwise development of software products. It avoids the drawbacks of long planning and design cycles and allows rapid partial deliveries to customers. The product team uses customer feedback to make adjustments and focus on what adds the most value. This allows us to incorporate continuous process improvement based on lessons learned during project execution.

The main benefits of Evolutionary Delivery are improved ability to make mid-course corrections, increased visibility of progress, and support for more frequent and predictable product releases.

The main keys to our success include being sure that the system's core is carefully defined, the architecture supports more than one possible product direction, and the delivery stages release functionality beginning with the "most certain".

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