DocNet is a web engine capable of satisfying most of the web-portal requirements of doctors as well as patients who wish to consult and communicate with their doctors through the medium of Internet. This engine can be used to create a portal which enables a wide range of comunication channels between its users


Sports Analysis Software-is a motion analysis software which is used to analyze a sports event while it is taking place or during a practice session. The aim is to capture the required session and analyze it to see what went wrong with a particular performance.......


FormsRec and FormsRec AIDA-are scalable and adaptable programs oriented from the start, towards high-end technology. FormsRec not only includes some of the world-wide best character recognition engines, but is also aimed at maximum work ergonomics and automatization processes.


Storage as a Service (SaaS) is the next concept in Cloud computing and its is spreading fast in the IT world along with other Cloud Computing services, SaaS is fast and a highly secured place for your data with no additional cost. We provide the storage in Cloud and you have access and administrative privileges.


iLecker has been conceived and developed together with a SWISS company. Thus, ensuring utmost "Swiss Quality & Efficiency". iLecker offers an all-inclusive solution to alleviate the problems faced by the restaurant owners today, irrespective of their geographical location.


Yachting 11 for Apple iPad is your central platform for all information regarding sailing yachts and cruisers of 30 to 70 feet. With Yachting 11 you can access all information regarding yacht, equipment, services, documents, user manuals, stowage spaces, crew, trips, food & non-food. Anywhere and anytime – even without internet connection


The perfect solution to get your daily work done faster and more productively. It optimizes your throughput times while simultaneously improving your job satisfaction by organizing electronic documents in central, shared locations.


his application is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. It works across a LAN with the Client Server Architecture as its base. It is done using Microsoft development tools (.Net Framework, Visual Studio). This project has utilized the power of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).