FormsRec and FormsRec AIDA-are scalable and adaptable programs oriented from the start, towards high-end technology. FormsRec not only includes some of the world-wide best character recognition engines, but is also aimed at maximum work ergonomics and automatization processes. Such things as batch processing, network capability, mass verification of characters, automatic plausibility controls and numerous other automatization features enable a throughput of 20,000 forms and more per work day. FormsRec uses methods based on human logic, such as fuzzy logic and fuzzy data base comparison. In this way, even bad forms can be evaluated with the greatest reliably and highest productivity. Missing, or incomplete data is automatically corrected and during recognition, plausibility checks improve reading results. The result is fast and high quality data capture.

FormsRec is a product of ICR Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG a nd is marketed in Asia by Palnar..

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