Projects developed in-house follow a rigorous testing and evaluation plan which have milestones built in for review by our customer. We don't want to develop a product that does not work for you - we want to ensure that the applications we develop provide the solutions you require. Our hand-in-hand approach encourages your complete involvement throughout the design and development process ensuring you of a comprehensive product, worthy of your standards.


A team of young, enterprising colleagues dedicate themselves to the maximum to develop and deliver the software products on time and in line with the specifications. And that too, by adhering to strict quality procedures comaprable to the ISO norms. While we live in a fast-paced Web world, there is no substitute for building solid customer relationships, face to face. No other medium delivers valuable personal cooperation opportunities better than highly-targeted, one-of-a-kind meetings. Through constant, regular contacts with our clients we ensure a personal touch to the projects we do for them.

Proper communication through reliable data transfer media and regular project visits enable a frictionless progress by evolving timely solutions to open points and risks. We aim at quality software products for our clients and strategic business alliances that bring us together to establish a longstanding business relationship. Add to this, a work atmosphere created by freedom, discipline, openness, creativity and last but not least, sense of duty helps us to manage any software task any time, anywhere. Our commitment to quality development distinguishes us.

When you decide for Palnar, you benefit from our extensive experience in the field of software development. We spend months interviewing, selecting, training and preparing our development teams to ensure highest quality in every stage of our developmental activity. Then, together with our clients, we design our strategy to facilitate the smooth execution of their projects.