Global competition is fierce in the financial services industry, relentlessly squeezing margins. At the same time, providers are confronting new pressure and rules for corporate governance, accountability, disclosure, independent research and transparency.

Palnar understands how high quality technology services, delivered efficiently and effectively through our transparent outsourcing model, can help enterprises in the financial services field meet the economic, competitive and regulatory challenges they face.

That's why so many of the top global brands in the financial services business have turned to Palnar for technology services and consulting. UnumProvident Corporation, Textron Financial, Skandia, T. Rowe Price and dozens of other providers have leveraged our technology expertise and global delivery model to achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

Our capabilities span the breadth of industry needs, including capital markets solutions, and the entire range of strategic outsourcing and integrations services that might be required-including application maintenance and development outsourcing and custom development.

The Healthcare Industry today

The last decade has spearheaded a revolution in the healthcare industry. Providers, Payers and Government Bodies are now focusing on improvised business processes, reduction of costs, and above all, on being more customer-centric. Hence, interoperability across healthcare organizations is important and it can be achieved by collaborative sharing of information by all. The aim is to improve patient care, safety and quality.

Our Vision

To transform the healthcare industry by providing solutions with leading-edge technologies that enable collaboration among its stakeholders by empowering them to make informed decisions.


The healthcare industries' priority today is to

  • To reduce medical errors
  • To promote patient safety
  • To upgrade security
  • To upgrade inpatient clinical systems
  • To implement wireless systems
  • To redesign processes and workflow
  • To connecting hospitals to remote locations To implement EMR